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Hail Damage in Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV, and Pittsburgh, PA

The severity of damage done by hailstones can be surprising. Though they may not be that large in size, hailstones are solid ice with a hard outer surface and can strike with a real impact. Because of the way they are formed in stronger thunderstorm clouds, hailstones can have a large amount of velocity behind them as they fall from the sky.

Measuring a Window in Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV

They can damage windows, skylights, and roofing in the same storm.  In other cases, hail may cause cracks in your roof that later lead to leaks. If you suspect that hail has damaged your roof, but are unsure of where or how to identify the damages, we can assist you.

Our experienced crews can inspect the entire roof and let you know of any loose shingles, cracks, or other damages to the surface of your roof. If left untreated, these cracks can cause much larger problems in the long run, including letting moisture into the home, with the potential to create mold. Save yourself from a larger problem, with a much larger repair bill, by calling us as soon as you suspect there may be hail damage to your roof in Erie, Wheeling, Pittsburgh, or anywhere in our service area.

Hail Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Restoration

Erie, Wheeling, and Pittsburgh residents are very familiar with hail and know that many times, the result of hail damage is more obvious. If you've lost shingles from your roof or glass from your windowpane, callFirewater Restoration Inc. immediately. We can assist you in getting the damage repaired and make your home look as good as new once again! .

Our crews can be at your location within an hour and begin work immediately. Whether you need cleanup of the damaged area, repairs, or restoration, we can handle it all for you. Put your trust in the one company that handles it all! Our reputation and years of service in the area have made us the go-to hail damage contractor in Erie, Wheeling, Pittsburgh, and the surrounding areas!

If you need help with hail damage, call us today from Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Newcastle, Erie, Franklin, and Meadville, Pennsylvania; Wheeling, East Liverpool, and Zanesville, West Virginia