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Sewage Backup Cleanup in Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV, and Pittsburgh, PA

Finding backed up sewage inside the home is sure to send anyone into a panic. No one wants sewage to linger inside their home any longer than it has to. But before you panic and try to clean it up using your regular household cleaning materials, consider the end result. It is true that sewage needs to be cleaned up right away, particularly in the case of contaminated water, but it also needs to be done properly and effectively.

Bathroom in Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV

Even if the water does not appear dirty to the naked eye, sewage water can contain tiny bacteria. These organisms can make the entire family and cause furniture, carpeting and other possessions to be contaminated and ruined.  Performing sewage clean up yourself or through a cut rate service can cause much larger problems. With years of experience and up to date training, the crews from Firewater Restoration Inc.,will make sure that all of the backed up water is removed as fast as possible to avoid any further contamination or problems.

As soon as you place a call to us for sewage clean up in Erie, Wheeling, or Pittsburgh, you can rest assured that help will arrive shortly. We make every effort to arrive at your home within an hour, and begin working on cleanup right away. We use care when removing any of your personal possessions, like furniture and electronics, from the affected area.  Once all of the items have been removed, we use special equipment to get the backed up water and sewage off your floor and out of your home. Once the water has been removed, we begin cleaning and disinfecting any portions of your home that were affected.

If you have sewage backing up into your home, call us right away. We can help you in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Newcastle, Erie, Franklin, and Meadville, Pennsylvania; Wheeling, East Liverpool, Zanesville, West Virginia.