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Storm Damage in Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV, and Pittsburgh, PA

Anyone who has ever seen a tornado in action knows what an amazing amount of power they display.  Tornado winds can reach up to 300 MPH, packing a lot of power. At that strength they can do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Flying debris, like tree branches or unsecured outdoor furniture, can have an amazing amount of force behind them once they are picked up by this severe wind.  The same level of damage can be done by a powerful snowstorm or severe thunderstorm. With high winds and precipitation, there is the potential for many different kinds of damage to be done to your home. Mother Nature can be very destructive, and any one of these natural occurrences can result in a lot of costly damage to the structure of any building. When disaster strikes, trust a well-known company with many years of experience in fixing storm damage in Erie, Wheeling, and Pittsburgh, like Firewater Restoration Inc. 

There are many different ways that a storm can wreak havoc and cause damages. Storm damage can mean flooding or water damage. But it can also mean damage done by fallen power lines or trees. It can mean wind damage that tears shingles off the roof or blows debris into your windows and shatters them. In extreme cases, it can mean significant damage to a portion or the entire structure of your roof.  Any one of these damages leaves your home unsafe and exposed to the elements. Having these items repaired as soon as possible is the only way to protect your home against further damages. Plus, prompt repairs done by a professional service are more likely to be covered by insurance than do it yourself efforts. 

If your home has been damaged by a storm, call us to get started on restoration right away. We serve Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Newcastle, Erie, Franklin, and Meadville, Pennsylvania; Wheeling, East Liverpool, and Zanesville, West Virginia.

Before, After Images of a Home Being Damage of a Storm in Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV