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Commercial Document Recovery in Pittsburgh, PA

Get your business back to normal after a disaster when you can come to us for commercial document recovery. We employ a number of processes to make your papers readable once again. Whether you have paper archives or you still use printed documents on a regular basis for your business dealings, we are able to work through your damaged records for document recovery. Our team of professionals uses a series of standard practices to provide you with the best chance of recovery. After this service, it is typical for clients to be surprised at just how many documents we were able to recover – many of which were presumably lost forever. Don’t wait to schedule our effective and efficient commercial document recovery.

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Commercial Document Recovery After a Flood

Look no further than our company to help you address every factor of recovery after a flood. We provide you with commercial document recovery when your digital files don’t include everything. We are a team of professionals that uses techniques like freezing to clean up your documents. It is essential that you schedule with us as soon as you realize what you need. Irreversible mold and mildew damage can develop on your documents starting at 24 hours after contamination. What looks like it cannot be retrieved could actually be recovered if you have the right professionals on your side. Our technicians have experience with all of the following:

• Patient Files
• Books
• Blueprints and Maps
• Audio and Video Tapes

• Photographs and Photo Negatives
• Government Documents
• Payroll and Tax Information
• Personnel Files


Document Recovery for Businesses After a Fire

Once a fire happens, you’ll notice that a prevailing issue throughout your space will be damage from soot. Before you find yourself smelling the often harsh odor for as long as you keep your documents, get commercial document recovery from our trained technicians. We remove odor and salvage all of the papers we possibly can. It is always our goal to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible without ever cutting corners. Some of the steps we take on during commercial document recovery after a fire may include:

• Collecting Inventory of Your Documents
• Addressing Staining on Exposed Surfaces
• Taking Extreme Care in Handling Books
• Addressing Brittle Pages with Care
• Removing Residue

• Sterilizing Documents with Mold or Mildew
• Ventilating for Odor Removal
• Freezing in a Special Chamber or Room
• Deodorizing the Materials
• Further Recommendation for Storage

Look no further than our team of professionals if you are in need of commercial document recovery. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business. We serve clients with properties in the areas surrounding our three locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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