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Commercial Fire Damage Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Reach out to us when you are looking to recover from fire damage to your structure. Whether your commercial property is a retail, corporate, or small business space, we will take care of fire damage repair so you can start moving forward after the fire. We make sure the structure of your building is safe and in sound condition before you resume business as usual. Our team prioritizes our series of tasks and gives you a clear plan if you are in need of commercial fire damage restoration. If left alone, you will find metals rusting, acid staining your surfaces, and permanent discoloration setting in to your flooring and walls.

Save yourself a considerable amount of money at the start when you come to our professionals right away. Our team knows that you need to get back into business as quickly as possible which is why we react quickly and effectively. See for yourself just how thorough our service can be if you have commercial fire damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Corrects Water Issues Too

When there has been a fire in your office or commercial property, you will likely be facing not just damage from the fire but also water damage from putting out the fire. Our team can handle this type of damage for you as well, since we deal with both water and fire damage restoration. We have the equipment and experience to restore a space badly damaged by both. Our team of professionals gets rid of the traces of a fire and the distinguishing of the fire with our proven methods and high-tech equipment. Some of the basics of our services include:

• Ventilation of the Space
• Scrubbing the Ceilings to the Floors
• Use of a High-Efficiency Vacuum
• Recording Repair Needs
• Disinfecting the Space
• Correcting Issues with Furniture and Drywall
• Neutralizing the Acid in Fire Soot
• Spraying with the Appropriate Detergent
• Stopping the Rusting of Metals


24/7 Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

We never make clients wait when they are experiencing turmoil involving their property. Fire damage can leave a space completely unusable until it is restored. When you call us, our professionals come to you no matter the time of day. In fact, we guarantee a quick response time. Come to our team for 24/7 service that goes from start to finish. Your first call after the event can be to our commercial fire damage team. 

Before and After of Fire Damage in a Living Room in Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Wheeling, WV

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing an emergency that requires commercial fire damage restoration. We serve clients with properties in the areas surrounding our three locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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