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Water Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh, PA

In the aftermath of a flood, broken pipe, or sewage back up in your home, it can be very costly to replace items that were damaged. Restoring the items and structure of the home can be a much more affordable process. In Pittsburgh, water damage restoration can help you to repair the areas of your home that have been affected and prevent further damage that can be caused by the presence of water. There are a few different classes of water damage, and they help to specify how intense the damage is and how much restoration may be needed.

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  • Class One Water Damage: This is the class given to water that only damages a portion of a room. In order to be classified as class one, the carpet and carpet padding have to be mostly unaffected.
  • Class Two Water Damage: This is a more serious type of damage, with water damage to the whole room, including the carpet and padding underneath.
  • Class Three Water Damage: This type of damage is typically caused by water coming from overhead, whether that is from a roof leak, burst pipe, or another overhead source. In order to be classified as this type of damage, the entire room has to be saturated, including ceiling, walls, carpet, padding, sub-flooring, and other items in the room.
  • Class Four Water Damage: This type of damage includes items that are not easily saturated becoming saturated with water. These can include plaster or hardwood.

Water Damage Restoration Service in Pittsburgh

Once you have detected water damage in your Pittsburgh home, call us right away. We can help with any class of water damage and will do our best to arrive at your home or business within one hour of your call. The speed with which we arrive is another advantage to hiring us, as starting restoration as fast as possible can minimize the overall damage. 

If you need help reversing the damage done by water in Pittsburgh, call us today. No matter how severe the damage is, we can help.


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